Intimate relationship secrets revealed: Elizabet Taylor and Michael Jackson

Intimate relationship secrets revealed: Elizabet Taylor and Michael Jackson


From sharing tea with a chimpanzee to afternoons spent watching Disney movies, Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor’s friendship was the oddest in Hollywood.

Drawn together by their megawatt star-power, difficult childhoods and drug problems, the pair’s relationship was as intense as it was bizarre, according to a new book out later this month.

Michael wooed Liz with grand gestures like ordering decorators to paint a suite at his Neverland ranch the same shade of violet as her eyes.


She responded by buying him an elephant which she shipped in from Asia.

They met six months after the death of Richard Burton, the love of her life.

Michael And Elizabet

On one of their first dates Liz invited Michael over for tea. He asked if he could bring Bubbles with him, his chimpanzee – and she agreed as she loved animals.

In 1997, Michael presented Elizabeth with the song he wrote for her called ‘Elizabeth, I Love You, which he performed at her 65th birthday party.

Michael and Bobi

In interviews she called her relationship with him ‘the purest most giving love I’ve ever known’.

Michael’s death in 2009 nearly destroyed Liz who was dealing with her own health issues yet again.

She wrote on Twitter:“My heart, my mind, are broken. I loved Michael with all my soul and I can’t imagine life without him. We had so much in common and we had such loving fun together’.

Michael and Teylor

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