This famous Dr.Mermenski recipe prevents cancer

This famous Dr.Mermenski recipe prevents cancer


This unique recipe was invented by the famous oncologist Dr. Mermerski, which was successfully applied against the most severe diseases of today.

People who tried it said that the effect of the whole organizm was amazing.

Cleans blood vessels, heals the heart , enhances immunity, cleans the kidneys, excretion system , improves the operation of the brain and memory , and supposedly helps with all types of cancer.

It is also used to strengthen the immune system and revitalizing the body after surgery .


What you need:

15 lemons
12 heads garlic,
1 kg honey,
400 g wheat,
400 g walnuts


Put 400 grams of wheat in a boiled jar and cover with water. After 10 to 12 hours strain the wheat through a clean cloth and wash the berries nicely.

After 24 hours,the wheat should be with wheat germ form with length of 1-2 mm.

First you ground the corn germ with coffe machine, together with nuts ang garlic.

Ground together with lime rind and mix everything together in an enamel basin .

Gradually add honey and mix until a homogenous mass.

Put everything back in the jar and place it in the refrigerator.

Three days after is ready for drinking.


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